High Definition Multimedia Content.

2D & 3D Animation.

Kindergarten to Grade 10.

Subjects:- Mathematics, Math Activity, Environmental Studies, Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology), PreSchool Stories, Rhymes & Activities.


Smart classroom multimeida content that were developed for mathematics environmental studies and science for classes 1 to 10, by idaa, a reputed multimedia development organization for school education, under the guidance and supervision of experts from former NCERT and SCERT professors, are being used by various well established educational institutions. Presently and we have a good feedback.

It can be conveniently used in smart class room / digital class room with the hardware like touch tv, interactive white board, projector, computer etc.idaa has specialized making all this very economical and cost effective and with the best quality.

Idaa has complete solution to your quest for a complete future classroom solution. The content having 2D/3D animation when used with digital tools gives the completeness to make teaching and learning process an effective one.

Our digital content for smart class room is available from classes 1 to 10 for mathematics ,environmental studies and science to make it easy to handle and play in digital classroom. It is simple to use for teachers.