CBSE Mathematics Class 4


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List of Chapters Covered in Our CD


  1. Time

Roman Numerals

  1. Roman Numerals
  2. Formation of Roman Numerals
  3. Roman Numerals (Activity)

Congruent and similar figures

  1. Congruent and similar figures
  2. Similar Figures


  1. Symmetry
  2. Symmetry in geometrical figures and english alphabets


  1. Numbers
  2. Numbers to 10000
  3. Place and place value of a digit
  4. Comparison of numbers
  5. Formation of numbers with given digits

Addition and subtraction

  1. Solving problems
  2. Addition and Subtraction of 4-digit numbers


  1. Multiplication
  2. Product by Lattice method
  3. Problem solving on multiplication
  4. Short cut in multiplication
  5. Multiplication of 2-digit numbers by a 2-digit numbers
  6. Multiplication by doubling and halving


  1. Division
  2. Division with 2-digit or 3-digit quotient (without regrouping)
  3. Division with 2-digit or 3-digit quotient (with regrouping)
  4. Problem solving on division
  5. Division (Activity)


  1. What is a Circle?
  2. Important terms of a circle
  3. Making Designs of a Circle

Fractional Numbers

  1. Fractions - A recall
  2. Writing of a Fraction
  3. Addition and subtraction of like fractions
  4. Mixed Numbers and Improper fractions


  1. What is a perimeter?
  2. Calculation of a Perimeter
  3. Application of Perimeter
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